Peace Revisited is a newly remixed / remastered 15 song CD by Dan Peek with Marvin & Gentry and producer/engineer Mitch Dane, of Sputnik Sound, Nashville, TN. 

Released 2020 / Feralette



What others are saying about Peace Revisited: 

"Finally, someone gave Dan the respect he and his music deserve. It’s as if he finally got a proper burial. I have listened to this numerous times since getting it over the weekend and every time I hear it I am filled with quell levels of joy and sadness. The three of you together as PEACE created magic! I have to say Dan was at the top of his game with PEACE. Thanks for this gem." - Kevin from Dallas, TX 

"I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your re-mix. I consider your version a great improvement on the original recordings. Many thanks!"- Tom from Oxford England 

"I've heard a lot of great music from Ken and Brian (Marvin & Gentry) and this is among the very best. You owe it to yourself to order a copy of their new CD Peace Revisited: Dan Peek, Marvin & Gentry" - Steve from Nashville, TN 

 This CD is absolutely one of the best. I have been listening for the first time today and I love every song. I will be featuring it this weekend on my radio show "The Block Party" - Joyce Conrad- WHFC 91.1 Maryland

From the artist who wrote and sang “Lonely People”, “Don’t Cross The River”, “Today’s The Day” and the huge Adult Contemporary hit “All Things Are Possible” (some 40 weeks on the charts). Hearing Dan here is like getting a call from an ol’ friend. His song “Missing You” here might be incorrectly titled. It’s really us missing him.  Rob- Quaker Lane Crossing